Established in 2017, RAOL AGENCIES is a supplier of high-quality industrial sewing machines,
2nd embroidery machines, spare parts, all mechanical,electric and electronic parts, cards, cutting equipment, other general consumables relating to textile factories, printing inks. Servicing and reparations of all industrial and embroidery machines. We are located in the capital city Antananarivo, Ivato, Madagascar.

Our complete inventory is strictly professional grade, trusted by notable clients such as Cottonline, SH Global Mada, SMARTLINE Pro, General Garments, Karina, Original Confection, Marine et Moi, Future Mada Textiles, Madaprod, Supra Knits etc.

Raol products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of everyone, including hobbyists, small, medium and large businesses around the world. When you purchase a machine or spare parts from RAOL, you can rest assured that you are opting for the highest levels of quality. All machines and parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by our certified technicians, and every machine we offer comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Most of all, the team at RAOL is dedicated to excellent customer service. We are always happy to offer expert assistance by phone or email, pre- or post-sale.

We, RAOL Agencies are young and dynamic importers as well as supplier of various parts of sewing machines, which are delivered to a large number of fashion houses and other export house in the market. Our wide range of products include spare parts, sewing machine spare parts, needle plates, industrial sewing machine tube lights, knife (all types), folders for sewing machines, gauge sets, hook sets, bobbin case and bobbins. Our organization is led under the guidance of Mr. Raj Mahalingam, who is a graduate and hold a diploma in Marketing. His vast industry experience has helped us in flourishing our business in the whole domestic market. High quality products, customized solutions, timely delivery and competitive prices are success factors of our company.

“Trusted Sewing Machine Exporters for International Markets”

Raol Agencies Team

A wide recognition of our company is the result of hard efforts put in by our team members. We have got an excellent team of highly experienced people, who have got deep knowledge of the industry they are dealing with. We further motivate our highly proficient and dedicated team members by providing them with various appraisals based on their performance level. Our company also organize various training sessions and workshops for employees to increase their hold over market in a stronger manner. This results in providing huge benefits to clients in short duration.


Customer satisfaction is the key criteria of our company when it comes to delivery of products. All our products are imported from China and checked as per their manufacturing standards. We also ensure the superior quality and high-performance level of these products at our end in order to give the best to client. All the spare parts for sewing machine are bought from trusted and renowned manufacturers in the market so that the customer does not face any kind of problem with the products we offer. In short, we are known for providing flawless products, which deliver high performance for longer time.

Our Mission

“Fulfilling Your Requirement Is Our Aim”

To serve our customers to the best by delivering quality products and service for their requirement at a reasonable cost while ensuring exceptional customer support throughout the process. Almost limitless production capabilities coupled with the most adapted and efficient service, our company can provide invincible combination. Our mission is to supply top quality products by practicing advanced technology in production processes to attain superior client’s satisfaction and maintain excellence & frequently bring inspiration and innovation to all garment accessories from development to distribution. Stare on Corporation offers a complete solution for all of your branding and packaging needs. 

Our Vision

To become a prime trader in the global marketplace by providing highly innovative friendly customer support, delivering high quality products and service. To develop trust with our valuable customers in long term business that will drive our business towards growth. Worldwide reputation is the dream of our company and we will achieve it through our successful work.

Our vision is to become a leader as a dependable and trend setter supplier by:

• Strictly following the latest trends and industry needs.
• Offering world class products using advanced technologies
• To be a globally preferred company
• Always adhering to on time deliveries
• To satisfy the valued clients, meeting their expectation by providing quality products services on time, and offering them the best value in terms of quality, price and other ethical practices.
• To operate as one of the best sources in the global market
• To meet compliance standards to assure an ideal work environment and obtain optimum level of productivity To continue growing nurturing competence in professionalism seeking win-win terms.

Our Core Values

Our core values are built on superior client’s satisfaction principles we strive to achieve every day by maintaining:
• Legal, ethical, social and environmental responsibility
• Corporate dignity and reliability
• Service quality
• Latest technology
• Fashion sensibility
• Effective business relationship
• Efficient supply solution 

Our Approach

We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and dedicated team, capable of meeting every related need. Regardless of client’s requirements, our approach remains the same. Our priority is to gain through understanding of client’s requirements and then efficiently with each talk as they present themselves. Our organizational attributes like commitment to quality. A team of self-motivated individuals and timely delivery makes our clients happy and satisfied. 

Social Responsibility

With our daily work we reach for a continuous improvement of quality and environment protection. We supervise and judge the effects of our activities, the applied procedures and the made products on the environment. The most valuable resource of our factories, our employees and our management, commit themselves to handle responsible with raw materials and supplies. We commit ourselves to avoid and to reduce environmental impacts, such as emissions, sewage and rubbish. We understand the fulfillment of the legal default and other demands to which we have committed ourselves as a minimum claim. Our environmental policy is our compendium for setting our environmental targets and for implementation.

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